Meeting Ground

by holditnow

Meeting Ground  – Rooftop installation Gladstone Hotel 2011 Nuit Blanche

Meeting Ground by artist duo GrifCat is comprised of two elements: graffiti-covered Muskoka chairs and manicured animal mascots. The two elements combine to create a space that marries urban aspects with green and rural environments. We are striving to create a hybrid between city vs. country and wild vs. manicured.

Manicured Mascots

The mascots  explore the idea of manicure. The mascots are two animals that are frequently pruned:  a poodle and a sheep. These two animals are manicured both for aesthetic and practical purposes.    The animals emphasize the convergence of the two spaces, urban and rural.

Both of the animals are sculpted from foam and fiberglass and then painted. The poodle will be placed inside the circle of chairs to represent shelter and urban living.  The sculpted sheep will be placed outside of the circle to represent a rural outside environment.

Muskoka Chairs

The Muskoka chair is typically found in country or cottage settings and its design reflects the setting where it can be found.  They are usually large and bulky, built to weather the elements. They evoke sentimentality and reflect a desire to escape the rat race, leave the city, find a secluded place and unwind. The Muskoka chair represents our wonderful wilderness and an absence of stress that this setting can produce.

Graffiti is a unique and very stylized form of communication. Every large urban area in the world has this form of expression somewhere within its walls. It reflects the city and its occupants. The more people found in any area the more people feel compelled to express themselves and individualize their surroundings. Graffiti maps out culture and acknowledges the creative desire of human nature.

People escape the city to get away from the grind of their daily lives. They romanticize the seclusion they are seeking but grow unsatisfied with the apparent lack of convenience.  The city and the country have aspects that contrast and conflict with one another. Both have strengths and drawbacks for their occupants. The graffiti Muskoka chairs combine the street style of the city with the rustic sentimentality of the country.

GrifCat is an artistic collaboration between Martha Griffith and Matthew Catalano.  The couple is married and share the same birthday.