Moonrise Kingdom: Review

by holditnow

The Heoric Weather – Conditions of the Universe Part 7: After the Storm by Alexandre Desplat plays over the closing credits of Moonrise Kingdom; the new offering by Wes Anderson. This composition is the perfect reflection of this movie. The music builds slowly revealing new instruments as it goes; all the while a child’s play by play narration informs the listener what is happening. This in a nutshell is Moonrise Kingdom.

The film reveals itself one aspect at a time; it gives each element its own solo and then lets it step back into the ensemble. The ingredients Anderson assembles include, meticulously composed backdrops, forbidden love, crate -digging soundtrack, brilliant cast, handpicked nostalgia, outsider art aesthetic, young-adult fantasy fiction, a pension for uniforms, the perfect surname and scouting. All these things are held together with kid-logic glue.

This is a film that should be treated like an afternoon swim on a hot summer’s day. As a viewer you should just 1-2-3 jump in and let it envelop you. It can be refreshing, immersive and whimsical. Try not to deconstruct the plot and rate the significance it has to the history of cinema, just lie back and float with it. This is not a weird film, only a fully developed stylistic interpretation of a unique film maker. Do yourself a favour, cool off and take the plunge.