The Perfect Song pt. 2

by holditnow

A bee-hived Dusty Springfield burst onto the London pop charts in 1964 with I only want to be with you. She followed this with a slew of chart bound singlesHer  biggest hit came in 1968 with Son of a Preacher Man which experienced a wonderful resurgence in 1994 when Quentin Tarantino featured the song in his film Pulp Fiction. Although both songs are quite exquisite  its Spooky that best represents perfection. It has become the quintessential balearic track that both captures an era and also transcends it. Spooky is the perfect summer track, the song that fits perfectly into any playlist and just gets better with every play.

Although you can’t beat the original, Barry Adamson does a great job sampling the riff to create some wonderful trip-hop goodness with Something Wicked This Way Comes.