Christian Marclay: The Clock

by holditnow

My window of opportunity was winding down and I knew that time was of the essence. The screening of Christian Marclay‘s The Clock  at the National Gallery in Ottawa would be ending at the beginning of August and I knew I would regret not experiencing it, even if for only a brief moment.

The Clock is a fully functioning time piece that tells time, in real time. The fact that it is made up of thousands of movie and television clips strung together for a continuous twenty-four hours is what separates it from your average Timex. It took the artist three years to collect and assemble the multitude of scenes that feature a clock or timepiece on screen. The clips are arranged in sequence for 12 am. till 11.59 pm.

The end result is a wonder to behold. Familiar faces and scenes string together to create mini narratives, strange juxtapositions and wild mood swings. The Clock explores pop cultural conventions while deconstructing time itself. We live in the age of the remix. Cutting, splicing and combining media works has become the 21st century’s version of the collage. Christian Marclay has created a true masterpiece.

If this work is showing anywhere close to where you are, go see it. The future is now. You’ll be amazed at how fast time flies when you’re watching the clock.