Teeth of the Sea

by holditnow

Teeth of the Sea

Because it’s shark week…. 10 fun facts about Jaws.

  1. Considered to be the first ‘Summer Blockbuster’. It debuted to lines around the block. In 1975 an estimated 67 million people went to see it.
  2. Steven Spielberg shot many of the scenes out on the open ocean; which proved to be a technical nightmare. Not only can any other boat travel into frame from miles around but the sky is never the same thing twice. Add the fact that your camera is in constant motion under the swell of the sea and you get the picture.
  3. One of the three mechanical sharks used for filming sank to the ocean floor the first time they put it in the water.
  4. The shark was supposed to make an appearance in the very first scene with the girl swimming. Fortunately for us, the shark kept breaking down, so they went along without it. The unknown force that drags her under leaves the audience to use its imagination and imagine the worst. The horror is effectively heightened by the omission of the shark.
  5. The mechanical shark was nicknamed Bruce after Spielberg’s lawyer.
  6. Roy Schneider improvised the line “You’re going to need a bigger boat”.
  7.  So many things went wrong during filming, the crew called the film “Flaws”.
  8. The boat the Orca actually started to sink during shooting
  9. The story was inspired by real events. 4 people lost their lives along the coast of New Jersey in 1916. The deaths were attributed to a large shark. It is suspected that it was in fact a bull shark because some of the attacks happened in fresh water.
  10. Spielberg wasn’t impressed with John Williamsiconic score on first listen. He originally felt it was too simplistic but eventually grew to love it.