Nuit Blanche: Toronto 2012

by holditnow

I love Nuit Blanche. Wait, let me rephrase that. I love the idea of Nuit Blanche. The fact that downtown Toronto is transformed into a giant art park for one night of the year is fantastic. The sheer number of installations and projects is astounding. You can never take it all in and there is always an irrational fear that you missed something. The simple fact of the matter is – you did miss something but you also probably got something as well. Everybody’s Nuit Blanche experience is different and that’s what makes it kind of great.

This year had a few nice sculptural pieces that you would stumble upon but (Insert Art Rant Here)  I found some of the video-based projections of random visuals were neither stirring nor terribly interesting. This kind of thing was done way better twenty years ago by the rave culture of the time. It is an obvious choice for a night based event, but I was hoping for something with a little more resonance. A lot of it is nothing more than disposable eye candy that is immediately forgettable after viewing.  In its defense: at the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with a little eye candy; especially for an event of this magnitude. The sheer number of people (supposedly) out to engage with art is both heart warming and off-putting. Unfortunately the crowds prevented me from engaging with some of the work I wanted to see.

One line we did endure was for cent une tueries de zombies at the TIFF Light Box. It was a supercut of 101 Zombie deaths. It spliced together everything from Michael Jackson’s Thriller to obscure East Indian undead flicks. Lot’s of gore, great soundtrack and lot’s of fun.

I also really enjoyed the ‘soft’ streetlights, the great use of cardboard tubes, the performance troupe dressed as a flock of sheep, the company I kept and a beautiful fall night in the heart of the city. And as always..