Every Frame a Painting

by holditnow

Yesterday, in an ill conceived descent into the Netflix rabbit hole I watched the latest Transformers movie. Here’s my review: Engineered to make money, way too long, mind-numbingly dumb. These films are walking contradictions; in some ways they’re the most over produced, unnecessarily complex shot set-ups out there and then the next minute the laziest storytelling and continuity problem-ridden films you’ll ever see. Who knew Beijing was one town over from Hong Kong? I guess if we’ll buy technologically  advanced giant fighting robots with the intellect  of twelve year olds then Geography is just some vague idea for people who don’t know how Google Maps work.

After watching this monstrosity, it got me thinking: how do these movies make so much money, and why is Michael Bay so successful where other directors in the same genre -not so much? This luckily reminded me of this:

Every Frame a Painting is a masterclass in film technique and analysis. Commentator Tony Zhou has really done his homework and every video is a little slice of film school. He discusses directors like Speilberg, Scorsese, Fincher and Kurosawa among others. He is really engaging at exploring the craft of filmmaking and the anatomy of a shot- and on top of that you get Jackie Chan.

If you’re going to get lost down a rabbit hole any time soon let Tony be your guide.