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Waiting on a Friend: Tablet Painting

Waiting on a Friend 2012

Very eighties palette on this one.

Born and Raised: Tablet Painting

Born and Raised 2012


Nice Weather For Ducks

nice weather for ducks 2012

Latest tablet painting. Its name was inspired by this.

Tablet Painting; Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas 2012

Here’s the latest IPad painting, created using procreate.



Yellow 2012

Yellow tablet painting.

More things that are yellow.

yellow  yellow  yellow  yellow

yellow  yellow  yellow  yellow

yellow  yellow  yellow  yellow

More or Less

More or Less 2012

Latest tablet painting.

New Tablet Painting

Tempest Tost 2012

Here’s another tablet painting. I’m enjoying working with the ‘wet on wet’ effects you can achieve by dragging the colours into one another. The title is taken from a Robertson Davies book.

Rotary Connection

Rotary Connection 2012

Here’s another Ipad painting. The name is inspired by an experimental soul group from the sixties coming out of Chicago. One of its members was a singer by the name of Minnie Riperton. Minnie was originally discovered while working as a receptionist at Chess Records. She went on to have a successful solo career. Her biggest hit would probably be Lovin’ You. Here’s another gem to check out.

Les Fleurs

My First Tablet Painting

Pathetic Fallacy

This is the first in a series of IPad paintings. For this series I was inspired by a recent show of digital works by David Hockney at the R.O.M.  I found the medium to be very versatile and artist friendly. My intent was to blur the line between traditional painting and digital painting. Colours turn, twist, drip and blend on a virtual canvas. I’m interested in the dialogue of whether something can be painterly without actually utilizing paint?