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Films about Art IV: Peggy Guggenheim Art Addict


Marcel Duchamp was her art adviser, Max Ernst was one of her husbands, she once got drunk with James Joyce, she lived in Paris in the 20’s during the golden age along with the Fitzgeralds and the Josephine Bakers, Man Ray took her picture, Samuel Beckett was one her many lovers, her father went down on the Titanic, she was the first to show: Hoffman, Rothko and Pollock at her New York gallery Art of the Century, she referred to one of the great architectural triumphs of the 20th century as her ‘uncle’s garage’; Peggy Guggenheim’s life reads like a who’s who of artistic spoils and the new documentary Peggy Guggenheim Art Addict   by Lisa Immordino Vreeland gives us a small glimpse into this extraordinary woman’s life.


If you’ve ever been to Venice then chances are you may have visited her wonderful museum there. The walls within house one of the finest collections of Modern Art to be found in any place. She collected Magrittes, Miros, Picassos, Ernsts, and so on and so on. The majority of her collecting took place in an eight year window during and shortly after WWII. She stayed in Paris to last possible minute before the Nazis arrived to ensure her artwork made it out safely along with procuring some last minute deals in the process.

Vreeland’s documentary does a wonderful job showcasing her collection and painting the backdrop of her life but in the end I felt no closer to really understanding the woman. A few talking heads like Marina Abramovic and even Robert DeNiro (she collected his parent’s paintings) weigh in on her, but everything veers towards her reputation rather than her true self. Even an audio interview with Peggy that runs throughout the film doesn’t really give you any insight into her motivations and place in history especially pertaining to some very rich topics.


Peggy Guggenheim was in the right place at the right time and clever enough to know it. She had very forward attitudes towards art and sex, which I believe can be very threatening to some.  Many tried to marginalize her but she persevered through it all. The film gives us a brief glimpse into what it was like to have been there at the time surrounded by some of the biggest names in history through the eyes of someone who lived it, and that is worth the price of admission.




Composition 1302

Composition 1303 2011

Composition 1303 2011

Digital image of an Icon-Pollock mash-up from 2011.

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                      Composition 1300

What Does it Say to You?

Another great instance of art in the movies.

Jackson Pollock  Guardians of the Secret 1943

Jackson Pollock                  Guardians of the Secret                      1943

What does it say to you?

State of Independence

Flags 1994

This painting is a combination of Jackson Pollock‘s drip technique and Jasper Johns‘ flag series.

Donna Summer State of Independence

Composition 1300

Composition 1302 2011

The composition series combines Abstract Expressionism with Russian Icon paintings. The Jackson Pollock drips are there to evoke the ravage of time and artistic expression on this age-old honoured tradition. The original is executed in paint on canvas. I revisited the idea nearly 17 years later, this time replacing paint for pixels.

Composition 1300 1994