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Whether Station

image1 (33)

Whether Station Digital Image 2019

The Nurococo : League Game

League Game Digital Image 2020

Some new work, playing with the idea of still life and pattern. I have been mildly obsessed with the Rococo as of late and can see parallels between that age and our own. Social media is the new garden party or fête galante  heralding the Nurococo. I like the idea of playing with opulence as decoration and image replacing meaning.

A little about my process: The images are digital, I create everything with a tablet and a stylus. I use Artrage and Procreate with minor fine tuning in Photoshop. There is no copy and paste, no filters, no ghost in the machine. All aspects are hand drawn: pattern, gems (one triangle at a time) etc. Painterly aspects are created in Artrage, wet into wet for flowers, landscape elements and abstract expressionist flourishes. I use multiple layers and sometimes repeat layers but for the most part I want my hand to be visible.

For more, come find me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/matthew.catalano/

Float Bounce Drift

Float Bounce Drift

Float Bounce Drift Digital Image 2018

The Air Apparent

The Air Apparent

The Air Apparent     digital Image 2017

Memory House

memory house

Memory House         Digital Image 2017

The rolling mountains and bamboo thatched roofs of Northern Vietnam informed this one.

Bamboo Dawn Mountain

Bamboo Dawn

Bamboo Dawn Mountain   Digital Image 2017

Another painting from the residency. This is a bit of a departure for me; as I am starting to incorporate the landscape in a more direct and literal fashion.

Bangkok Power Company

Bangkok Power Company

Bangkok Power Company  2017

Another image from my trip. This one is inspired by the power lines in Thailand. If you’ve ever been there, you know they’re simply mad, but strangely beautiful. I also included a pattern I found in their Temple of the Golden Buddha. Power comes in many forms.

The Tide is High

The Tide is High 2011

Acrylic diptych combining pattern, architectural and landscape elements appropriated from pre renaissance Italian paintings.


Crime* 2002

This image is part of a series called alphabet. I was teaching myself Photoshop, so I decided to make 26 images all centering around a different letter. Some interpretations are literal while others are a little more  broad. In Crime* I turned a Tom Thomson painting into wallpaper.