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Whether Station

image1 (33)

Whether Station Digital Image 2019

The Nurococo : League Game

League Game Digital Image 2020

Some new work, playing with the idea of still life and pattern. I have been mildly obsessed with the Rococo as of late and can see parallels between that age and our own. Social media is the new garden party or fête galante  heralding the Nurococo. I like the idea of playing with opulence as decoration and image replacing meaning.

A little about my process: The images are digital, I create everything with a tablet and a stylus. I use Artrage and Procreate with minor fine tuning in Photoshop. There is no copy and paste, no filters, no ghost in the machine. All aspects are hand drawn: pattern, gems (one triangle at a time) etc. Painterly aspects are created in Artrage, wet into wet for flowers, landscape elements and abstract expressionist flourishes. I use multiple layers and sometimes repeat layers but for the most part I want my hand to be visible.

For more, come find me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/matthew.catalano/

Soft Spot: Digital Painting

Soft Spot 2014

Soft Spot 2014


back wallHappy about the round frames.

Open Course II : Digital Painting

Open Course II  2014

Open Course II 2014

Here’s another image from my Cutting Corners series.

Absolute Beginners: Digital Painting

absolute beginners 2

Absolute Beginners 2014

We’re a month away from the Artist Project. This piece is part of my new series Cutting Corners.

Digital Painting: Probably Maybe

Probably Maybe 2013

Probably Maybe 2013

Fumbling in the Dark: Digital Painting

Fumbling in the Dark 2013

Fumbling in the Dark  2013

Whether Front: Digital Painting

Whether Front 2013

Whether Front 2013

Room 118

Mixed Messages 2013

Mixed Messages 2013

Next week I’ll be participating in a very special event; the town where I grew up is resurrecting their Arts festival. After a few years of lying low, Oshawa is going to transform its downtown into a late night artcrawl with a series of pop-up galleries. They’ve entitled the event Space Invaders. I’ll be participating in a group show in one of the invaded spaces. The show will be made up of alumni from O’Neill Collegiate (the high school I attended once upon a time, a long time ago) and is called Room 118, named after the art room where we all started down the path of art. The show centers around the teacher who was a massive inspiration to anyone who found themselves lucky enough to be in his classroom: Mr. Craig Wildman. The alumni date back some decades to Craig’s first year of teaching (that would be me) and go to the recently graduated. The show opens on the 12th  and runs to the 28th, with the big gala celebration on the 20th.

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