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Myths and Confetti


Myths and Confetti 2016 

Digital Painting: Another Conversation

Another Conversation 2013

Another Conversation 2013

Almost ready for the weekend. It looks like it is going to be a soggy one.

True Grit: Digital Painting

True Grit  2013

True Grit 2013

Latest tablet painting.


Whether Conditions: Digital Paintings

Whether Conditions part 1-4  2013

Whether Conditions part 1-4      2013

A series of 4 created for the Artist Project.

Dorota: Digital Painting

Harder than you think 2013

Dorota   2013

Waiting on a Friend: Tablet Painting

Waiting on a Friend 2012

Very eighties palette on this one.

Born and Raised: Tablet Painting

Born and Raised 2012


Nice Weather For Ducks

nice weather for ducks 2012

Latest tablet painting. Its name was inspired by this.

Tablet Painting; Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas 2012

Here’s the latest IPad painting, created using procreate.



Yellow 2012

Yellow tablet painting.

More things that are yellow.

yellow  yellow  yellow  yellow

yellow  yellow  yellow  yellow

yellow  yellow  yellow  yellow