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Happy Canada Day


Hanoi Vietnam 2017

Found this picture from our trip to Vietnam back in 2017. I love those buildings, cities, country etc.. This will be the first summer in a very long time that we will not be getting on a plane and going somewhere. We had a complete tour of the Balkans booked and then cancelled. We would have been in Bosnia right now! Oh well, many have it tougher than a postponed trip, and it’s nice to be celebrating Canada day a little closer to home. Be well.

Finding the Landscape

Pink Horizon

Pink Horizon       Digital Image 2017-18

A slight rework of a sketch I started last summer.

Memory House

memory house

Memory House         Digital Image 2017

The rolling mountains and bamboo thatched roofs of Northern Vietnam informed this one.

Bamboo Dawn Mountain

Bamboo Dawn

Bamboo Dawn Mountain   Digital Image 2017

Another painting from the residency. This is a bit of a departure for me; as I am starting to incorporate the landscape in a more direct and literal fashion.

Churning The Sky

Churning the Sky

Churning the Sky 2017

It’s been a little quiet around here this summer. I was away for a month, where my wife and I had the extreme pleasure in participating in an Artist in Residence program at the Muong Cultural Center near Hoa Binh in northern Vietnam. We were there for a week and then spent another 3 exploring that brilliant country. Here’s one of the works I made with my time there.