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Windmill 10


Windmill 10 2009 Acrylic on wood

Here’s one from my Burning Windmill series.

Windmill 6


Windmill #6 Acrylic on Wood 2009

Ember 2

Ember 2 2009

Ember 2 2009

Acrylic on wood panel.


Smokebelch 2010

Progress is a weird mistress. It invigorates while it obliterates. Many wondrous and exhilarating inventions have come from its hands, but there also be monsters. The old must give way to the new, and this sometimes takes place without much consideration for history or tradition. Progress has invented monsters whose sole purpose is to blindly move forward destroying what came before it. If there be monsters then there will always be people ready for the confrontation.

Ash 2010

In this series of acrylic paintings, it is this confrontation that intrigues me. The image of the windmill has come to represent the battlefield. Progress is consuming it in flames and in its destruction it exerts its vitality. Don Quixote has waged war with it to try to reveal its inner dragon. Frankenstein’s beautiful monster of progress has sought refuge within its walls only to be consumed in its flames.  The windmill’s endgame has become a charged image for me that tells both perspectives of this confrontation from both perspectives.