Palm Fritz

View from the Backseat 2021
Postcard Humidex II 2021
Palm Fritz 2021
Mirage II
Phantoms 2020

Palm trees on this hazy day.


Happy Canada Day


Hanoi Vietnam 2017

Found this picture from our trip to Vietnam back in 2017. I love those buildings, cities, country etc.. This will be the first summer in a very long time that we will not be getting on a plane and going somewhere. We had a complete tour of the Balkans booked and then cancelled. We would have been in Bosnia right now! Oh well, many have it tougher than a postponed trip, and it’s nice to be celebrating Canada day a little closer to home. Be well.

Photographic Memory

Photographic Memory

Photographic Memory    Digital Image 2020

Squeeze Play

Squeeze Play

Squeeze Play       Digital Image 2020

Hunkering down, time to be creative. I’m enjoying florals, gems and stars at the moment.

Whether Station

image1 (33)

Whether Station Digital Image 2019

The Nurococo : League Game

League Game Digital Image 2020

Some new work, playing with the idea of still life and pattern. I have been mildly obsessed with the Rococo as of late and can see parallels between that age and our own. Social media is the new garden party or fête galante  heralding the Nurococo. I like the idea of playing with opulence as decoration and image replacing meaning.

A little about my process: The images are digital, I create everything with a tablet and a stylus. I use Artrage and Procreate with minor fine tuning in Photoshop. There is no copy and paste, no filters, no ghost in the machine. All aspects are hand drawn: pattern, gems (one triangle at a time) etc. Painterly aspects are created in Artrage, wet into wet for flowers, landscape elements and abstract expressionist flourishes. I use multiple layers and sometimes repeat layers but for the most part I want my hand to be visible.

For more, come find me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/matthew.catalano/

Happy Canada Day


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Ladies and gentlemen, the great David Milne. Happy Canada Day.

Side Pocket

pretty misdirection

Side Pocket     Digital Image 2018

Margin Romance

Margin Romance

Margin Romance Digital Image 2018

Float Bounce Drift

Float Bounce Drift

Float Bounce Drift Digital Image 2018