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Side Pocket

pretty misdirection

Side Pocket     Digital Image 2018


Float Bounce Drift

Float Bounce Drift

Float Bounce Drift Digital Image 2018

So Much for Polite Conversation

image1 (1)

So Much for Polite Conversation Digital Image 2018 

Fever Dream

fever dream

Fever Dream Digital Image 2018

Playing with Cartoon Expressionism 




Semi-Precious Digital Image 2018

I’ve been having a pretty productive summer so far. This is part of my Montreal paintings. Come find me on Instagram for more.


Happy Canada Day


Breathtaking mask from a renowned west coast Kwakwaka’wakw carver. Beau Dick (1955-2017)


Beau Dick   Dzunukwa Mask 2007

Finding the Landscape

Pink Horizon

Pink Horizon       Digital Image 2017-18

A slight rework of a sketch I started last summer.

One Thing or Another

One Thing or Another

One Thing or Another Digital Image 2018

Spill Over

Hot Ticket

Spill Over Digital Image 2018

Rocks on Strings

rocks on strings

Rocks on Strings     Digital Image 2018

First painting of 2018.