Category: digital art

Marvelous Taffy Face

the revolution

Marvelous Taffy Face    2014 digital image

Black Star

dream of the magi

Black Star Digital image 2014

Difference of Opinion


Difference of Opinion 2017

Work in progress; this is a digital re-imagining of a painting I did years ago. Feels kinda relevant at the moment.

Myths and Confetti


Myths and Confetti 2016 

Fountain Vista


Fountain Vista Digital Image 2016

Blue Expectations


Blue Expectations    Digital Image   2016

Double-down Spin Repeat


Double-Down Spin Repeat    digital Image 2016

Forever and a Day

forever and a day round

Forever and a Day       Digital Image 2014

What’s Bred in the Bone

What's bred in the bone

What’s Bred in the Bone 2016

Postcard Humidex

Postcard Humidex

Postcard Humidex 2016